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ZAMPOST MICROFINANCE LIMITED was established in order to cater for the diverse needs of ZAMPOST customers. The company provides micro loans to customers and also offer other market demand driven  products.
Zampost Microfinance offers the following products:

  • Salary backed loans
  • Group Based Loans
  • Small Group Loans (minimum 5 people)
  • Individual Loans

Zampost Microfinance Ltd is housed in the Main Area Post offices and as such it has a wide retail network as compared to most Microfinance institutions which are concentrated in Lusaka and along the line of rail. This means therefore that the institution is able to reach the unbanked, remotest locations in Zambia The wide retail network provides convenience to customers across the country..


Gross Pay Loan Amount being sought
Statutory Deductions Outstanding Loans-Other lenders
Rate of Interest Tenor (in months)
Net Pay for Loan Purposes 40% of Net Pay
Amount Available for Servicing loan Monthly Repayment
Total Loan Repayment The Loan You Qualify For is
Gross Pay = Basic pay + Housing allowances + other permanent allowances.
Statutory Deductions = PAYE + Union dues + NAPSA, Personal levy as stated on the Payslip.