ZamPost Micro Finance Limited

has been operating as a non - deposit taking microfinance institution providing various credit facilities to invidual and institutional customers since 2013.

The Board and management of ZMFL now have the pleasure of informing members of the public and institutions that ZMFL has been licensed operate as a deposit - taking microfinance institution by the Bank of Zambia.

ZMFL is therefore offering individuals and institutions an opportunity to invest by placing their funds with us at attractive returns which are above the rate of inflation. ZMFL represents a safe investment vehicle for Individuals, Families, Pension houses, Insurance companies and institutions to invest and grow their wealth.

For further details, kindly visit us at Lusaka, Ndola, and Kitwe main post offices or contact us on 0977 - 470 404, 0977 472-999, and 0964 - 424 240.