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Express Mail Service (EMS) is an international and domestic courier network which
provides the fastest physical door to door delivery service.

We specialize in the delivery of urgent business and non - business documents and
parcels such as Business agreements, bills of lading, samples, gifts etc

EMS Zambia has been operating in Zambia since 1992 and has wide experience
in the conveyance of both domestic and international mail.


EMS offers different services that are aimed at satisfying customers requirements. Some of the services on offer are:

    • Domestic Services - Conveyance of domestic letters, documents and parcels within Zambia.
    • International Services - Conveyance of letters, documents and parcels between Zambia and Europe, North and South America, Asia and other African countries.
    • Business Mail Services - This is a tailor made service which involves mail conveyance for business clients and is tailored to meet various individual business needs.


  • Pick-Up Service
    This is where a client calls our offices to request pick up of their items at any time.
    This need not be by prior arrangements.
  • Programmed Service
    This is a service where special arrangements are made with the customer to have their items collected from their premises on specified days and times as agreed upon in the contract.
  • Walk-In Client Service
    This is whereby a customer brings their mail items to our customer centres for processing during normal working hours.



EMS Zambia has the widest domestic network, utilizing the Post Office infrastructure, which has 144 postal outlets and fleet of delivery vehicles.

Internationally, EMS is represented in almost all the countries of the world including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and many other countries.






  • To facilitate early delivery of parcels or documents to their destinations, customers are advised to provide correct and precise physical addresses
    such as house numbers with popular landmarks, street names, telephone numbers and directions.
  • Clients should note that addresses through Post Box System without telephone numbers may cause delays.
  • In case of export, a customs declaration form and a commercial invoice quoted in any convertible currency or unit would be needed for easy clearance.
  • For documents, free packing is given. Our customer service Centres advise on proper packing.
  • Maximum weight limit for a single parcel is 30kg; however, this is negotiable depending on the nature of the parcel.
  • In case of dutiable items, expected recipients would be invited to collect items or parcels which would be subjected to customs examinations on providing a valid identity.
  • Clients should seek information on special entry requirements/customs restrictions of the country of destination of their parcels. This information may be available at
    customer service centres/Embassies/Trade Missions.
  • Special packing is required for fragile items. EMS client’s service centres would advise on the most appropriate form of packing.
  • Parcels and documents would be examined by the Sales Clerks to ensure that prohibitions are not sent through the service